Our insider tip: sleeping in the middle of the jungle

At La Tigra Rainforest Lodge

Get involved with the jungle and unspoiled nature at La Tigra Rainforest Lodge. They have a tented camp surrounded by dense jungle which gives visitors the feeling of being in the middle of nature’s living room. Here you will find a mixture of adventure in the jungle and a little bit of luxury. The fixed tents with comfortable beds, private bathroom and terrace offer a comfortable accommodation in the green oasis. Observe the surrounding forest and its inhabitants from a hammock.

On hiking trails around the lodge, you can explore the jungle on your own and really get to know Costa Rica. There are also numerous plants to admire and animals to observe far away from mass tourism. Take as much time as you need and experience unspoiled nature in a very private setting.


  • Sleep in dense rainforest
  • Exclusive wildlife viewing
  • Get your own eggs from the chicken coop
  • Plant a rainforest tree
  • Get up close and personal with frogs
  • Visit to a real campesino

Plant your own rainforest tree

Have you ever planted your own rainforest tree? La Tigra is also a rainforest project with the goal of natural reforestation to contribute to the sustainability of Costa Rica. Since 2004, trees have been planted here to compensate for CO² emissions. A tour guide and a local farmer will lead you through the tree plantation and inform you about the rainforest and sustainable forestry. Afterwards you can plant your own seedling. This will be measured and mapped by GPS so you can then keep in touch with your tree from home.

Studying the Costa Rican way

Next to the property is a village school where less than 20 children from the surrounding area are taught. The students are divided into five different classes but share one classroom, an experience that shows travelers the differences to their own standard of living. You can also visit an active finca near the project run by a local farmer. Here you will learn what is planted in the region and how to use the rainforest without harming it. Enjoy a freshly picked mango fresh from the tree and learn how and where peppers grow.

Your stay at La Tigra

We creep silently through the rainforest when somewhere a crackling sound and a loud exclamation ring. At that moment you can see it, the colorful fishing toucan. High up in the treetop, it has settled down and is watching us as if to say, “watch out, this is my territory.” We continue walking and discover a tiny blue jeans frog that keeps trying to hide under leaves but still manage to capture him with our camera. After a few minutes we reach our destination, a field with lots of little tree seedlings. Then, we discover an eagerness to see where we can plant our own jungle tree. With much care we plant it and imagine how the tree will look like and how long it will take until it has reached a stately size so the birds can also settle on it and look sublimely into the distance.

On our way back we almost collide with a tipsy appearing Blue Morpho and as fast it flew in, it disappeared again. Our guide tells us a lot about sustainable reforestation and the animals living here. Suddenly we are standing in the middle of the Rainforest Lodge. Embedded in dense jungle, there are a few cozy tent bungalows. We move into our quarters and enjoy the unique jungle view from our wooden terrace. After we tire, we go to bed and listen to the voices of the rainforest to fall asleep.

Start the day with the Howler Monkeys concert

Early in the morning we are awakened by the concert of howler monkeys and realize that we are in the small jungle paradise we have only dreamed of. Our tour guide shows us which animals crept around our tent during the night. Apparently it was not as lonely as the jungle scenery suggested. After the many animal sightings we visit a small village school afterwards. The eight children are all of primary school age and are taught together by one teacher. We don’t know this kind of teaching from home and are fascinated how this can work. The little Costa Ricans are very inquisitive and ask us how things are done. We are happy about the lively interest and about one or the other funny question like, “do you make snow angels in winter at your home, too”.

After this experience we visit Otto at his finca. As a true campesino, Otto is a great advocate of sustainable agriculture. He shows us around his land and explains what he grows. We are thrilled and are also allowed to snack on everything. His wife invites us to a typical Costa Rican meal. We enjoy delicious food and chat with the family about life in Costa Rica and how Otto is committed to sustainable tourism. Thrilled, we drive back to La Tigra Rainforest Lodge, take a refreshing swim in the natural pool and wish we could stay longer in this little paradise.

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