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Costa Rica Insider invites you to get to know this tropical paradise and design your unique dream trip according to your wishes. You can choose from a variety of day trips, multi-day modules and transportation options or you can choose a group tour, where everything is organized and you will be accompanied by an experienced tour guide. We also offer completely customized tours. We are experts on Costa Rica and know the most beautiful places, the cutest hotels and the quietest beaches. So what are you waiting for? Book your dream trip to Costa Rica now!

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What makes Costa Rica a special travel destination?

Fascinating landscapes include the dense cloud forests of Monteverde, the Caribbean lowlands with Puerto Viejo de Talamanca and Limón, turtle beaches at Tortuguero’s canal system, and the dry forests of Guanacaste. The paradisiacal beaches in Drake Bay (Osa Peninsula), majestic volcanoes like Arenal and Poás, and national parks like Manuel Antonio where the rainforest reaches the beautiful beaches are one of a kind world adventures.

Costa Rica is the safest destination within Latin America without a military and with a high level of education. It protects its incomparable nature with more than a quarter of its area under the strictest protection as a national park. Countless animal species cavort in Costa Rica on the surface of Lower Saxony. It is not only this diversity of nature and animals that is worth a trip to Costa Rica but also visiting some of the happiest people on earth. Costa Rica has everything you want to experience on a varied round trip.

Find out more about the country, its people and unique nature on our Costa Rica portal.

And best of all: With your trip you save the world - at least a little bit

We attach great importance to soft tourism and sustainably managed hotels and tour providers. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to plant your own rainforest tree. In the Reserva Bosque La Tigra, our nature and species conservation project in Costa Rica, you can contribute to the creation of a biodiverse area of over 14 hectares, which will serve as a corridor between two protected areas and will also be a habitat for numerous jungle animals. In addition, you can keep your ecological footprint in a good balance.