Costa Rica group tours

Traveling with like-minded people in Costa Rica

Experience together is twice the fun

If you like to travel together with a professional tour guide then group tours may be a good choice for you to experience a unique vacation.

Having a private guide by your side with trained eyes will help you see those hidden animals. Traveling with a group you can fully relax and enjoy your trip without the stress of making plans and organizing. Your guide can tell you a lot about the country and its people and will be happy to answer all your questions so that you get a much deeper insight into the culture & nature of the country.

Group travel often creates a special dynamic in which shared experiences weld people together. There are many opportunities for great conversations or hilarious get-togethers. This is how new friendships are formed or existing acquaintances are strengthened. Sharing experiences and talking about them is fun and creates connection. Even after the trip you have the opportunity to reminisce together and share stories or pictures.

Group travel can take different forms

We can work out a private group trip for your circle of friends or family or even for your club or other interest group. Here we can cater to your individual wishes and even cover specific topics. For example, maybe you an aspiring ornithologist and would like to see as many of the dazzling tropical birds as possible. We know where there are the best chances for sightings and will provide you with a trained guide. Maybe there is an animal that excites you? A plant species? A special sport? Maybe a focus on yoga and recreation? Or you want to learn more about organic farming? Whatever it is, we have the best contacts and will put together a trip that fits your interests.

If you don’t have your own group, we offer an open date tour from which people all over the world can join. This style of trip offers a great opportunity to make new friends. Contact us If you are interested in an open group tour.

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