Things to do in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is more diverse than almost any other country and therefore offers countless places worth seeing for explorers of all ages. The numerous national parks of Costa Rica invite you to discover an amazing variety of species in protected nature, some of which have even been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can encounter an unbelievable variety of experiences without having to travel long distances. Enjoy majestic volcanoes, extensive jungle landscapes and their inhabitants as well as the beautiful beaches of the Pacific and the Caribbean. 

A visit to the La Tigra rainforest project makes it clear how important it is to give attention to rainforest sustainably. Here you have the opportunity to stay overnight in the middle of the jungle and plant your own rainforest tree

Rainforest Adventures

Let yourself be carried away into another world and enchanted by the tranquility of the mystical Monteverde Cloud Forest. Here you can see an extraordinary variety of lush greenery around you which is a treat for all your senses. The suspension bridges that run high up through the forest are ideal for better observing the animals and plants in the treetop regions. If you want a little more action you can swing up into the heights of the forest on a canopy tour.

Tortuguero National Park awaits you in the northern Caribbean. Here you can paddle by boat or kayak along the rivers and canals. The mystical rainforest around you can be observed particularly well and if you keep your eyes open you will discover numerous jungle dwellers.

Volcanoes, volcanoes and more volcanoes

When you look at a map of Costa Rica, the volcanic mountain range of the Cordilleras stretches across the country and immediately catches your eye. This is home to the mighty volcanoes Arenal, Poás and Irazú. The volcanoes offer an imposing sight, dizzying heights and wide craters. 

The Arenal volcano in the city of La Fortuna is active and offers impressive sights with huge rainforests and a large lake at the foot of the volcano. Check out our top 11 things to do in La Fortuna for more insider tips.

At the foot of the Poás Volcano, extensive coffee plantations invite you to take a stroll before exploring the summit of the volcano. Two crater lakes await you here where you can see one of the most acidic crater lakes in the world. The intense turquoise waters, while impressive to look at, are highly corrosive.

With a height of 3,432 meters, the Irazú volcano is the highest in Costa Rica and has a long history of eruptions. Due to the altitude there is hardly any vegetation here. Nevertheless, the volcano is a popular destination as you can enjoy stunning views from the top.

Explore from the summit to the beaches

From the highest volcano to the highest mountain in Costa Rica, Cerro Chirripó, also offers an impressive sight. With its 3820m height, it brings a magnificent view of both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans in good weather. Rare plants, wild streams, rugged rocks and mystical cloud forests characterize the Chirripó National Park and invite you to play and discover.

Since it is usually quite cool at the heights of the peaks, it makes sense to  dive into the hot thermal springs after exploring the peaks. The power that slumbers under the earth in Costa Rica becomes clear here. The natural springs await you with hot water up to 104°F. 

Another impressive form of water is provided by the numerous waterfalls that roar down through the rain forests and mountain slopes. Some of them allow to swim in the pool below and drift in the deep blue waters observing the dense vegetation around.

Those who still haven’t had enough of the water can explore the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. The Pacific is a popular destination for surfers offering ideal conditions while the Caribbean hosts one of the best spots for snorkeling. Both coasts lure with white sandy beaches and turquoise water. Here you can relax under the palm trees that sway gently in the wind above you while you feel the warm sand below you. Not sure which one of the beaches is best for you? Just reach out to us and we are happy to advise you!

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