Hanging Bridges Tour in Costa Rica

High up in the world of colorful flying artists

Haven’t you always wanted to be able to fly? To admire the world from above and to get to areas that are otherwise reserved for the more nimble animals like birds or monkeys? We can’t quite fulfill this wish for you but you can satisfy your curiosity with a jungle hike over suspension bridges. 

Both the cloud forest of Monteverde and the rainforest around Arenal Volcano offer perfect conditions for hanging bridges. Here you will have the opportunity to experience the Costa Rican jungle from an unusual perspective and discover animals and plants that remain hidden when viewed from the ground. 

Equipped with comfortable hiking boots, you will make your way along easy-to-walk trails that repeatedly lead over suspension bridges providing a particularly deep insight into the tropical forest. The trails can be walked on your own, however, if you want to get to know the forest with its plants and animal inhabitants in all its glory we recommend a tour with one of our local guides. Some suspension bridges are shorter and some longer, some lower, some almost dizzyingly high. But don’t worry, even guests with a fear of heights will get their money’s worth, just give it a try!

Answers to commong questions:

Hikes are possible throughout the day. Admission to most parks until approximately 3:00 pm.

The guided hikes last on average about 2-3 hours.

The trails are quite easy to walk and there are no major climbs. However, the paths can be muddy and therefore somewhat slippery. Normal physical fitness is sufficient. You should be able to hike 3 miles without any problems.

The suspension bridges are built and secured according to strict standards. However, follow the instructions of the respective park and do not leave the hiking trails.

The suspension bridge tours are suitable for all ages.

  • Comfortable light clothing
  • One rain jacket
  • Hiking or sports shoes with tread
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellent
  • Camera
  • Binoculars

Admission prices are around $30 for adults and around $20 for children depending on the park. For a guided tour there is an additional charge of about $20 per person. Most parks (Selvatura in Monteverde, Sky-Adventures in Monteverde and at Arenal) also offer combo tours with a suspension bridge hike and canopy tours. Some of our tours already include a hike over suspension bridges.

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