Night walk in the Costa Rican rainforest

Chasing the sounds on silent soles

Slowly it gets darker and darker and the sounds of the jungle get louder and louder. Everywhere you hear chirps, croaks and rustles as the forest comes alive. Night hikes are something you remember from childhood or from summer camp. Well guess what, that exploration tour in the darkness is no less exciting as an adult.

Equipped only with a flashlight you follow your guide deeper and deeper into the jungle. At first, you’re probably a little hesitant wondering what is behind the mysterious noises and what animals are watching me. The glow of the experienced guide’s flashlight glides across the ground, from tree to tree then from branch to branch searching for hidden forest creatures. 

Do you know how birds sleep? Or have you ever seen mushrooms that glow in the dark? During a night hike in the jungle you will get to know the forest in a whole new way and have the opportunity to see nocturnal mammals as well as frogs and small creepy-crawlies that hide during the day. You don’t even have to stay up late for a night hike in Costa Rica as it conveniently gets dark at around 6:00pm all year round. A night jungle tour is also an exciting experience for the whole family.

Answers to common questions

The tours usually start at nightfall between about 5:30 and 6:00pm.

The tours last about 2-3 hours, depending on the provider.

Since the focus of the tours is on observing and discovering nocturnal animals, no long distances are covered. Normal physical fitness is therefore sufficient.

A night hike is not dangerous, but please follow your guide’s instructions at all times and do not leave the trails.

The tours are suitable for all ages, but not for small children.

  • Rain Coat
  • Camera
  • Insect Repellent
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Long clothing and a head covering

To participate in a night hike, expect costs starting at about $25.

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