Snorkeling in front of the small Isla del Caño

Immerse yourself in the colorful underwater world of Costa Rica

The underwater world of Isla del Caño is sometimes called the “little coco island” because it is almost as spectacular as the diver’s dream island, Isla del Coco. Isla del Coco also belongs to Costa Rica but lies far off the coast in the Pacific.  Instead of a three-day trip to Isla del Coco, you only need about one hour by boat from Uvita or Drake Bay to Isla del Ca Caño. This snorkeling and diving paradise off the coast of the Osa Peninsula is ideal for a day trip.

If you travel between July and September or between December and March you have a good chance of seeing humpback whales along the way. Known for their long migrations the animals come to the warm tropical waters off Costa Rica to give birth to their young. Around Isla del Caño the marine mammals are sighted quite often in the beautiful turquoise waters and palm beaches. 

Equipped with mask, snorkel and fins, you can now explore the colorful underwater world of Costa Rica to your heart’s content. Countless colorful fish will accompany you and you might even spot a sea turtle or one of the harmless whitetip reef sharks that reside around the island.

Although Isla del Caño also offers hiking trails and some important historical findings, the reserve has been closed and inaccessible for several years and until further notice. Most of the time you can enjoy this beach paradise during the snorkel tour. 

Answers to common questions

There are different tours. From Uvita we usually leave at about 7:30am, from Drake Bay at about 7:00am. With some providers, the tour is only carried out with a minimum of 6 people. Since they may ask for a reservation in advance, we recommend you to book the tour before your trip. You are welcome to contact us for this and we will make the reservations for you for the same price that you get on site

The tours are day trips as just getting to and from the island takes at least 1 hour each way. From Drake Bay you will be on the road for about 6 hours, from Uvita about 8 hours.

Average physical fitness is sufficient. The tour is not suitable for pregnant women. Please also note that there are no restrooms on the island and that eating and smoking are not allowed on the island.

Always follow the instructions of your guide. For snorkeling you will be equipped with a life vest. 

Depending on the provider, the minimum age is specified differently. The tour is recommended for about 6 years and older.

  • Swimwear
  • Sandals/Flip Flops
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • In the rainy season rain jacket or poncho
  • Possibly a waterproof bag
  • Snacks

Depending on the operator, the tour from Uvita costs about $140 for adults and $85-100 for children under 10. From Drake Bay the price is about $85 for adults. The price includes entrance fee, snorkeling equipment and a picnic lunch.

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